Peerless Dealkalizers are specially designed according to the best and most sound industry practices. Utilizing a dealkalizer will reduce blowdown as well as: 

  • Boost Boiler Performance: The amount of boiler blowdown (intentionally wasted water to avoid impurity concentration) is determined by alkalinity. A dealkalizer will reduce blowdown by increasing the number of times the make-up is concentrated in the boiler. This will also reduce the boiler operating costs, foaming, and carry over.
  • Reduce Condensate Line Corrosion: When carbon dioxice reacts with condensed steam, carbonic acid forms. Reducing this will also reduce the amount of expensive chemicals needed to neutralize the acid. It also reduces return line corrosion.
  • Reduce Chemical Treatment: When blowdown is reduced, the water treatment chemicals stay in the boiler longer, minimizing the amount needed for efficient, non-corrosive operation.
  • Lower Fuel and Operation Costs: Blowdown water has been heated, softened, pumped, and chemically treated. By reducing the amount of blowdown, these operations are not as wasted.


Non-Corroding Tanks
The Peerless Dealkalizers are constructed in one piece, without any seams or joints. They feature durable fiberglass tanks, impervious to cracking under stress, corrosion, and electrolysis. The all steel tanks contain a phenolic epoxy interior lining.

The Brine System
Brine tanks, amde up of polyethylene or fiberglass, hold enough salt for 5+ regenerations and can be located up to 15 feet away from the dealkalizer. The valve will measure the correct amount of brine and blends it with the caustic pumped from the carboy for the exact mixture needed for regeneration.

Water Meter Regeneration
We offer an automatic reset meter which measures pre-set quantities of dealkalized water and then transmits a signal to activate the regeneration. Seametrics - Seaflow water meters are used as a standard equipment; they are also easily serviceable, are accurate to a +1% and fit with our PLC controller. It requires a 10x pipe diameter upstream and a 5X pipe diameter downstream. XRP indicates meter initiated regeneration.