Peerless Dealkalizers are designed according to the best and most sound industry practices.

Boost Boiler Performance
The amount of boiler blowdown is most often attributed to alkalinity. Concentrations of alkalinity beyond recommended
operating limits cause problems of foaming and solids carry over to the steam. A dealkalizer will increase the number of times the make-up is concentrated in the boiler, reducing blowdown, boiler operating costs, foaming, and carry over.

Reduce Condensate Line Corrosion
Reducing the amount of carbonic acid which forms from carbon dioxide reacting with condensed steam reduces the amount of expensive chemicals necessary to neutralize the acid and reduces return line corrosion.

Reduce Chemical Treatment
The reduction of blowdown by dealkalization keeps water treatment chemicals in the boiler longer, and thus minimizes the amount of chemicals required for efficient, non-corrosive operation.

Lower Fuel and Operation Costs
Blowdown losses to the sewer are expensive because the lost water has been heated, softened, pumped, and chemically treated.

Non-Corroding Tanks
Constructed in one piece with no seams or joints, these
durable fiberglass tanks are impervious to cracking under
stress, corrosion, and electrolysis. All steel tanks are have
phenolic epoxy interior lining.

The Brine System
Brine tanks are constructed of polyethylene or fiberglass and
holds enough salt for five or more regenerations between
refills. It can be placed up to 15 feet away from the
dealkalizer and still function at full capacity.

The brine valve measures the correct amount of brine
automatically and blends with the caustic pumped from the
carboy for exact mixture required for regeneration. 

Water Meter Regeneration
Automatic reset type meters are used to measure pre-set
quantities of dealkalized water and then transmit a signal to
activate the regeneration cycle.

Seametrics - Seaflow water meters are used as standard equipment because they are easily serviceable, are accurate to + 1%, and fit as a good choice with our own PLC controller. Must have 10X pipe diameter upstream and 5X pipe diameter downstream.

Indicates meter initiated regeneration.