Water Filters

Water supplies may contain excessive levels of
turbidity, iron, chlorine, suspended solids, and organic
matters. This can cause color, objectionable tastes and
odor, fouling of equipment and piping with suspended
solids, prevent compliance with drinking water
standards and render the water unsuitable for process

Peerless, Inc. XIP-MM multi-media filters, XIP-IM
iron media filters, and XIP-AC activated carbon filters
are designed to provide superior filtration performance
in demanding municipal, industrial and large
commercial applications.

The XIP-MM series multi-media filters are specifically
designed for the removal of turbidity, iron, and
suspended solids. They employ an advanced multimedia
bed consisting of graded layers of media with a
coarse top layer of anthracite to remove the bulk of the
suspended solids, and finer second layer of sand, and a
final layer of fine dense garnet to polish the water for a
high clarity effluent. 

The XIP-IM series iron media filters are designed for
iron, turbidity, manganese, suspended solids, and arsenic
removal. They may also be combined with
chemical treatment to effectively remove both dissolved
and suspended iron. The dual media filter bed
includes a top layer of anthracite to remove the bulk of
the suspended solids and a second layer of manganese
greensand to remove finer suspended solids and iron
when properly regenerated. The XIP-IM filter systems
can be designed for either continuous or intermittent
regeneration for iron removal.

The XIP-AC series activated carbon filters are designed
for the removal of chlorine, organics and taste
and odor. Many varieties of activated carbon are
available to suit individual application requirements
from simple dechlorination to critical dissolved organics

water filters