Water Filters

Water supplies often contain excessive levels of turbidity, iron, chlorine, suspended solids, and organic matters, causing discoloring, unfavorable tastes and odor, and deterioration of equipment and piping with suspended solids. These levels are not compliant with drinking water standards, and make the water unsuitable for process use. Our Peerless multi-media filters, activated carbon filters, and iron media filters are all designed to provide superior filtration performance for large commercial applications.

XIP-MM Series Multi-Media Filters
These filters are specially designed for removing turbidity, iron, and suspended solids. They utilize an advanced multi-media bed consisting of graded layers. The coarse top layer of anthracite removes the bulk of the suspended solids while the second, fine layer of sand and the final layer of fine dense garnet polish the water for a high clarity effluent.

XIP-IM Iron Media Filters
We designed these filters for iron, turbidity, manganese, suspended solids, and arsenic removal. Combined with chemical treatment, they are effective in removing both dissolved and suspended iron. The dual media filter bed involves a top layer of anthracite, removing the bulk of the suspended solids, and a second layer of manganese greensand, removing finer suspended solids and iron. They are able to be used for continuous or intermittent regeneration.

XIP-AC Activated Carbon Filters
The Peerless activated carbon filters remove chlorine, organics, and taste and odor. Many varieties are available to meet your needs, from simple dechlorination to critical dissolved organics removal.



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