Product Literature

Residential Product Literature.  This information can be viewed on-line or downloaded in a PDF format that is suitable for printing.

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CME Series Literature
CME Series Digital Electronic Flow Demand Style Water Softener.  Features High Iron Capability and a self adjusting reserve capacity to help save salt and water.
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FME Series Literature
FME Series 6700 Electronic Digital Display Flow Meter Demand Style.  Features even more Salt and Water Savings than a flow meter demand style softener by adjusting it's own reserve capacity based on actual water usage.
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FM Series Literature
FM Series 5600 Flow Meter Demand Style.  Features salt and water savings over a time clock controled water softener.
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Chemcial Free Iron Filter Models 10 IFCF-AP-W, 13 IFCF-AP-W and 14 IFCF-AP-W
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