Water Softeners

Peerless Water Softeners are designed according to the best and most sound industry practices. They are best applied for heavier domestic, or light commercial applications. 

The Softening Process
Hard water contains dissolved calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese ions. The resin captures these mineral ions as the hard water passes through it. Shortly before the resin becomes exhausted of its ion exchange capability, it is regenerated by the solution in the brine tank.

Non-Corroding Tanks
Constructed in one piece with no seams or joints, these durable fiberglass tanks are impervious to cracking under stress, corrosion, and electrolysis.

Softening Media
A high capacity resin with a consistent bead size and low fines content is used to assure peak performance and longevity.

The Brine System
The brine tank is constructed of polyethylene and holds enough salt for five or more regenerations between refills. It can be placed up to 15 feet away from the softener and still function at full capacity. 

An automatic refill control is backed up by a safety float shut-off valve to minimize the chance of overflow. The brine valve measures the correct amount of brine automatically.

Regeneration Options...

Program Timer
A 12-day switch selects time of night or day and frequency of regeneration. The switch automatically starts, paces the complete regeneration cycle and places the unit back on line for service.

TCFT - Indicates program timer regeneration.

Automatic Reset Water Meter
When the preset gallonage has been used, the timer starts regeneration and automatically resets.
-  Indicates meter initiated regeneration.
-  Indicates meter initiated regeneration. (3/4")
- Indicates electronic meter initiated regeneration.

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