Trust Peerless, the Most Experienced OEM of Water Treatment Equipment


Founded in 1935, Peerless is – without a doubt – among the most experienced OEM of water treatment equipment in the region. Family-owned and operated for this entire time, we’ve worked tirelessly to improve our catalog of treatment systems for household, industrial, and municipal water supply systems. Offering a full list of engineering services, our products are bolstered by our scientific understanding of how filtration and treatment works. Whether you’re looking to remove iron, nitrate, arsenic, or metal, you can be confident that our team can work with you to design – and engineer – the equipment that you need to ensure safe, clean water.

Residential equipment

With the latest technology and manufacturing methods, Peerless is able to offer high-quality residential water treatment equipment at affordable, cost-efficient prices. From water softeners and filters to reverse osmosis and drinking water systems, you can be confident that our team can help you identify and source the equipment that you need.

Commercial equipment

Putting the same care and attention into our commercial products, Peerless is the industry’s go-to source for commercial water softeners, dealkalizers, UV systems, and more. With over 85 years of experience, our team is familiar with all of the challenges and can work with you to engineer the equipment that your operation requires.

At Peerless, we’re committed to offering the absolute best water treatment equipment on the market. No matter what equipment you need – or what specifications you desire – you can be certain that our team can help. To learn more, we encourage you to browse our website, read about the products that we offer, and contact us with any questions that you may have.

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